Top 10 học viện tư thục tốt nhất tại Singapore với 6.500 sinh viên tốt nghiệp đến từ hơn 42 quốc gia

Top 5 MBA Singapore

EDUTRUST certificate for 4 years (reputable quality certificate from the Singapore Ministry of Education)

Thành viên của hệ thống các trường kinh doanh thuộc tập đoàn kinh doanh quốc tế Amity đứng đầu Châu Á có mặt trên thế giới như Mỹ, Anh, Ấn Độ, Singapore, Quốc, Mauritius… Với hơn 30 năm kinh nghiệm trong lĩnh vực giáo dục, trường có hơn 175.000 sinh viên và nghiên cứu sinh đến từ 42 quốc gia, với 12 trường Đại Học tại nhiều Quốc Gia như Mỹ, Anh, Dubai, Úc…150 học viện và hơn 4.000 giáo viên và nhân viên cùng 240 chương trình học tập

Member of AACSB International – Association to Promote Collegiate Schools of Business and Business Education

Member of the Business Education Alliance

International Business Award for Innovation in Education, specifically for “A holistic learner-centred approach to advancing Deep Learning

Amity Education Group organises a series of events like CEO Dinner Series, CEO’s Forum, Eminent Guest Lectures, Nobel Laureate Series etc to assist students to regularly interact with Corporations, Management Gurus, Guest Academics from World Class Universities and renowned Thought Leaders.

Have the opportunity to transfer to Amity USA, UK and Australia


Students with a transfer study abroad program to obtain a degree in international business and marketing at Amity Global Academy will follow a 3-year training program with specific subjects as follows:


Students will start their freshman year with "Getting Started" courses, providing basic knowledge, creating the most solid foundation in Marketing, and initially getting acquainted with the industry. Besides, some soft skills to prepare for studying abroad will also be trained during this time.

List of subjects in Year 1:

  • Business and the Business Environment
  • Marketing Processes and Planning
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership and Management
  • Accounting Principles
  • Managing a Successful Business Project
  • Business Law
  • Digital Business in Practice
  • Data analytic
  • Business Data & Numerical skills
  • Research Project (x2 credits)

Overcoming the initial training period, students will enter the next "take off" stage. At this time, students will be taught more specialized subjects, participate in real projects with businesses to accumulate skills, and connect with the international student community at Amity Global Institute preparing for the upcoming study life abroad.

List of subjects in Year 2:

  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Tapping into New and International Markets
  • Pitching and Negotiation Skills
  • Digital Marketing
  • Managing the Customer Experience
  • Marketing Insights and Analytics
  • Planning Social Media Campaigns
  • Brand Management
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Developing Individuals, Teams, and Organisations
  • Customer Value management
  • E-commerce and strategy

This will be the final sprint in the process of studying for a Bachelor of International Business & Marketing degree at Amity Global Institute. The subjects in year 3 will mainly support students with broader and more general knowledge, and at the same time provide them with practical career skills to be ready to enter the global labor market.


With the orientation of experiential education, Amity Global Institute always focuses on giving students a real learning environment, with many opportunities to approach real problems that businesses are facing. Through this, students will apply their knowledge and skills to come up with optimal solutions under the guidance of mentors and lecturers - who are experts, CEOs, etc., with a minimum of 10 years of experience in International Business and Marketing

Mentor Ngoc Doan

Mentor Ngoc Doan

Marketing Director of MISA - a leading corporation in digital transformation products for businesses in Vietnam, presenting in 20 countries around the world;

Master of Marketing CFVG (degree awarded by Sorbonne University, Paris);

Former Marketing Manager of local and global brands like Topica Native, EduMall, Double A, etc.

Mentor Huong Nguyen

Mentor Huong Nguyen

Account Director - vBase Digital & YOOSE Pte (Singapore);
Founder CMO - CoXplore;
Bachelor of Applied Science Haaga-Helia (Finland), majoring in International Business;
Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship, University of Leipzig – MBA International Business Program (SEPT);

Mentor Ho Thai Binh

Mentor Ho Thai Binh

1 in 5 Asian researchers of the Perth USAsia Centre;
Founder & Director of Survival Skills Vietnam
Director of SiGen company – solve pollution problems in urban environment & protect public health;


With the transferring program to receive a Bachelor's degree, students will save a significant part of their costs when they spend the first 2 years studying basic subjects in Vietnam before transferring to Singapore.

Tuition fee for studying in Vietnam:
9.000 USD (6 semesters/2 years);
Transfer fees at Amity Global Academy
14.500 SGD


  • The cost in Singapore includes Visa application fee, medical examination fee and student card
  • Transition costs are temporarily calculated at the exchange rate of 17,900 VND/SGD which is 259,550,000 VND
  • The above costs do not include the cost of living in Singapore



When studying at Amity Global Academy, international students will have the opportunity to access countless scholarship packages with different levels of support depending on academic achievement, active participation in union activities. students as well as policies and targets of the school each year. 

Please contact the Admissions Office or leave information for more specific advice on scholarship opportunities About Bachelor of International Business and Marketing Amity Global Institute



To ensure the best training quality, students need to ensure the following conditions to enter SBS

Completed high school in Vietnam or a foreign high school
18 years old and above (before transferring to Singapore)
IELTS 6.0 or equivalent before joining the program. (You can join the English preparatory course if you do not meet the requirements)




Amity in Singapore strives to be an institute of excellence that provides quality education and fosters life-long learning to nurture the next generation of global leaders. Amity offers globally recognised degrees in partnership with the University of London, University of Northampton, Teesside University & University for the Creative Arts. 

The campus is located at Tan Yeok Nee's House, 101 Penang Road. This area is considered a recognized national monument and is strategically located in the Orchard Road area, directly opposite Istana – Office of the President of the Republic of Singapore. The main campus is located at the junction of Penang Road and Clemenceau Road, is a National Monument located 6 minutes from Dhoby Ghaut train station, just 3 minutes walk from Somerset MRT, very convenient for students.

See more information about Amity Global Academy at: https://www.amitysingapore.sg/.




Located in the ideal location of Southeast Asia, Singapore is a prosperous country in the top of the developed economies and in the top of the world. With world-class infrastructure, a modern transportation network, a dynamic business environment and a rich culture, this is definitely an ideal destination for Vietnamese students who want to experience the world of culture international education. 

In particular, the Singapore Government considers education a top priority. Singapore has long been known as the educational center of Asia with universities in the top 50 and 100 of the world's best universities. In addition to prestigious universities, Singapore also prioritizes developing a system of high-quality private universities. Non-public schools associate with famous universities in the UK, Australia, and the US to grant degrees.


Why should you choose to study in Singapore?

Ranked 28th in the QS Education System Strength rankings - the countries with the best education systems worldwide, Singapore is an attractive name for international students in Vietnam. The reason why so many parents and students want to study in Singapore is for the following main reasons: (1) Convenient travel, only a short distance from the city. About 2 hours flight from Ho Chi Minh City (2) No need to prove financial (3) Quality European education at a lower cost (4) Globally recognized qualifications (5) International English environment, etc

Is the Singapore student visa pass rate when following the program high?

If completing 2 years of study in Vietnam, the transition, applying for a Singapore student visa when students follow the program of Amity Global Academy is almost absolute. It should be noted, whether to issue a visa or not will be decided by the Embassy/Consulate, so it is not possible to be 100% sure that a visa will be issued, but the school will support students as much as possible in the process. the process of preparing documents or interviewing (if any) to achieve the highest visa success rate.

Is the cost of living in Singapore expensive?

The cost of living in Singapore is expensive regardless of financial conditions, spending habits as well as other objective factors, etc. Accordingly, the average cost in Singapore usually ranges from 9.00 - 1,350 SGD/month for expenses including: The cost of renting a house or dormitory will range from 400 - 600 SGD/month, the cost Meals will range from 450-600 SGD/month and travel expenses range from 20-150 SGD/month.

Is it possible to apply for a scholarship while studying at Amity Global Academy?

Students with outstanding academic achievements with high final grades, contributions in research activities, etc. fully have the opportunity to receive valuable scholarship packages from Amity Global.

Can students studying at Amity Global Academy live (meals, accommodation, etc.) on campus or outsource?

If you do not cook or are even a "picky eater", students do not need to worry too much when the canteen in the campus area offers a full range of dishes of different cuisines from Asia. to Western vegetarian dishes, savory dishes, Islamic Halah, etc.


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