What will you get from the program?

Long-term jobs in Vietnam:

Graduates from SBS Mini MBA program will be offered job opportunities at EQuest group and other corporate partners of SBS.

Be ready for the MBA Program

You will become familiar with the MBA teaching style and study using case studies - a typical method at leading business schools in the world, improve your ability to use English, and have the necessary academic foundation.

Scholarship opportunity:

Graduates from SBS Mini MBA programs can transfer to the top global MBA program in Australia, UK, Canada with exclusive scholarships given to SBS students.

Exemption from course conversion:

Students in the wrong field (without a Bachelor's degree in the correct field of Business Administration) will be exempted from conversion modules when registering to study MBA at SBS partner schools.

Visa sponsor by SBS

You will receive full support and visa sponsor by SBS to study abroad in Vietnam; thus you can access opportunities to study, work, and settle abroad.

A practical program:

The program is designed by leading experts from Saigon Business School & EQuest Education Group in many different fields of business administration such as: Sales - Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resources Management...


In the SBS Global MiniMBA program, students will undergo comprehensive training including specific subjects tailored to enhance their business skills and knowledge.


SBS will guide students through everything they need to prepare for their studies in Vietnam—sorting out visas, finding a place to stay, and helping them settle into the local scene and culture


In the initial phase, students will delve into management knowledge by immersing themselves in the study of marketing and mastering the art of utilizing data analysis in a business context. Additionally, students have the opportunity to select one subject from our in-depth knowledge elective subjects, allowing for a more tailored and specialized learning experience.


In the second term, students will wrap up their studies on how to run a business. They'll learn about finance and working better in teams. They'll also gear up for hands-on training at a real company, where they can put their learning into practice.


Internship training for postgraduate students in the Global mini MBA program offers a vital bridge between theoretical learning and real-world application. This brief immersion in a professional setting related to their field allows them to refine skills, gain industry insights, and apply classroom knowledge to practical scenarios. It's a key opportunity for these students to develop essential attributes, establish industry connections, and bolster their readiness for the professional realm.


Students enrolled in our program will have ample opportunities to engage with EQuest and SBS' extensive network of partner companies. SBS boasts a diverse network comprising a spectrum of companies, ranging from start-ups to corporate giants, spanning across diverse sectors including technology, finance, education, social initiatives, and more.
Partners of SBS:

  • Canifa
  • Coc Coc
  • Go hub
  • Manulife
  • FPT
  • Vinamilk

Program output

Job opportunities in Vietnam: upon graduation, SBS's Global mini-MBA students will have the chance to work at EQuest Education Group or receive recommendations from SBS to our corporate partners to find work in

Cost and time saving: The program prioritizes essential MBA components, saving both time and costs.

Enhance students' CVs and career prospects: The program provides a strong skill set and business knowledge, boosting their potential for leadership roles and career growth.

A stepping stone to study a full MBA program: SBS students will receive at least 20% blanket scholarships from SBS international partner universities

Transfer opportunity

After completing the Global Mini MBA program, students can continue their studies in Master's programs (MBA, Master of Management, Master of Commerce, etc.) at SBS partner universities with an average scholarship ranging from 20% to 50% of the tuition fees, or stay in Vietnam.

Transfer opportunity


Deakin University is ranked in the top 1% of the world's best universities according to the Times Higher Education rankings. Deakin Business School is also among the top 5 business schools in Australia, offering the highest-rated learning experience. The MBA program at Deakin University allows students to access the latest business knowledge from industry leaders and top experts in various fields.



The Global MBA program at Macquarie University is ranked second in all of Australia and among the top 20 MBA programs globally. This ranking is assessed based on criteria such as employment opportunities, alumni achievements, and the diversity of the faculty (according to QS World University Rankings)



Northampton University is ranked among the top 20 business schools in the United Kingdom according to a government survey measuring student satisfaction at universities. 95% of the university's students secure employment within 6 months of graduation, as reported by the HESA Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) Survey, consistently over the past 10 years.



Canada West University's MBA program ranks fourth nationwide according to the QS Star Higher Education ranking system. Graduates will have the opportunity to intern and work at leading global companies such as Apple, Amazon, Deloitte, IBM, PWC, SAP, SIEMENS, Seneca, TELUS, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

Study duration & location

Students will study at the SBS campus, creating an enriching academic setting for those undertaking the Global Mini MBA, with a focus on fostering cross-cultural learning and professional development.

1 year with 3 terms (4 months/term)
The Audri Building, No 7, Street 23, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Feature mentors

Mr. George Drazenovic

Mr. George Drazenovic

Master of Business Administration at the University of Notre Dame, US;
A member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPABC) and the CFA Society Vancouver;

Mentor Thao Nguyen

Mentor Thao Nguyen

Master of Marketing, Master of Media & Communication – Macquarie University;

Product Marketing Associate – Cover Genius (Sydney, Australia);

Dr. Holger Siemons

Dr. Holger Siemons

Ph.D. from the University of Delhi (India), Faculty of Management Studies;
MBA degree from Newcastle University (UK) and Diplom-Kaufmann - equivalent to BA (Hons) Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany;

Tuition & Scholarships

Full program tuition: 3600 USD/year (1800 USD/semester)

Scholarship: Saigon Business School offers SBS Talent scholarships to international prospective students. These scholarships will be reviewed by the scholarship committee and awarded to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their career, and academics, or have shown clear aspirations, dreams, and a well-defined plan to pursue them.

Admission to the Mini MBA Program for international students to Vietnam is open all year round. All students participating in the Mini MBA program at SBS can choose to transfer to master's degree programs by international university partners of SBS or to finalize their program in Vietnam. SBS's International Student Affairs Office is currently offering special support for international students in terms of visa procedures, accommodation, and job search in Vietnam. After graduation, students will have the chance to work at EQuest Education Group or corporate partners of Saigon Business School in Vietnam.

This is the commitment of SBS and its partner universities to support students in 'taking off' and building a global career by starting with the Global Mini MBA program with SBS.

Tuition & Scholarships


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