Grand Opening of the first Global Mini MBA Program for Enterprises - LTS Group (LTS Group)


February 28, 2024 marked a significant milestone for LTS Group (LTS Group) with the launch of the Global Mini MBA Program exclusively designed for its senior experts and managers.

The opening ceremony was honored to welcome representatives from Saigon Business School - SBS:

  • Mr. Hoang Van Cuong - CEO
  • Mr. Nguyen Thang Long - Head of Training Department
  • Mr. Le Dinh Thang - Lecturer of HRM
  • Mr. Mai Quoc Tich - Student Service Manager

LTS Group was represented by: Tập đoàn LTS:

  • Board of Directors
  • The students, who are experts/managers holding key positions in various departments such as finance, business, human resources, IT, etc.

  LTS Group, with nearly 8 years of operation, takes pride in being a prestigious global technology solutions provider.

LTS Group has been trusted by over 60 international clients from various industries and boasts a customer satisfaction rate of up to 94%. With a team of highly skilled professionals, LTS always emphasizes on improving its management capacity and developing human resources to be ready for any new challenges.

The Global Mini MBA Program is designed by leading experts from Saigon Business School - a member of EQuest Education Group. The program offers many advantages:

  • Flexible schedule: Combining online and offline learning formats, suitable for busy professionals. Kết hợp hình thức online và offline, phù hợp cho người đi làm bận rộn.
  • Structured knowledge: Helping participants solve current difficulties & problems at work such as profit optimization, improving leadership skills, strategic thinking and effective decision making. Giúp học viên giải quyết những khó khăn & vấn đề hiện tại trong công việc như tối ưu hoá lợi nhuận, nâng cao kỹ năng lãnh đạo, tư duy chiến lược và ra quyết định hiệu quả.

With its trust in the Mini Global MBA program, LTS Group expects to enhance its management capacity, promote development and create breakthrough values for the corporation.


Global Mini MBA Program - Elevate your career with SBS!

The program is designed for:

  • Middle to senior level experts or managers who wish to improve their management skills.
  • Individuals who plan to pursue an international MBA program in the future.
  • Companies, Enterprises and Corporations that plan to improve the skills of their employees, develop the leadership potential of middle managers, and boost the development of the organization.

Learn more about the Global Mini MBA Program at:

  • Website:
  • Fanpage:

Don't miss out on attractive scholarship opportunities!

In 2024, SBS will offer various scholarship programs for individuals and special offers for Enterprises when registering for the Global Mini MBA program.

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