Saigon Business School - SBS announces additional admission for the November 2023 term and sets aside additional quotas for independent candidates and students from domestic and foreign colleges and universities who wish to transfer to study. at SBS.

Specialized training

Business Administration, Marketing and Data Science. 


– Bachelor of Business Administration, awarded by the University of Northampton (UK)

– Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Human Resource Management or majoring in Marketing, awarded by Macquarie University (Australia)

– Bachelor of Data Science, awarded by Deakin University (Australia)

– Bachelor of Commerce, awarded by Canada West University (Canada)

– Bachelor of Marketing & International Business, awarded by Amity Global Academy (Singapore)

Applicable objects

In addition to candidates who have just graduated from high school in 2023, SBS also has additional quotas for independent candidates and students from domestic and foreign colleges and universities who wish to study at SBS.

Conversion support polices 

– Recognize the learning results and credits students have studied at their previous school to shorten their study time. 

– Tuition fee reduction corresponds to the number of semesters the student has studied at the old school. Candidates who register and complete procedures in September 2023 will also receive 2 additional semesters of tuition from SBS (2 preparatory English semesters, or 1 preparatory English semester & 1 specialized semester). 

For example: Students who have studied 3 semesters at their old school will receive a tuition discount for 3 semesters at SBS. In addition, if you register in September, you will receive an additional 2 semesters discount from SBS, for a total of 5 semesters of tuition reduction. semester. Candidates only have to pay tuition for the remaining semesters. 

– In case candidates want to transfer to study abroad and complete the program at SBS's partner universities abroad, they will receive free application fees and the school will fully sponsor the cost of applying for a tourist visa. study, and at the same time accompany and support you until you graduate, get a job and find opportunities to settle in your host country. 

Registration deadline

Until October 31, 2023. The November semester will officially begin on November 6, 2023. 

Admission registration link: 


SBS Is an international university established by EQuest Education Group - the largest foreign-invested private educational organization in Vietnam, with an international training environment with foreign or domestic lecturers and students. Vietnam, with modern facilities and practical training methods, engaging with businesses in each subject, SBS will be the place to give wings to your learning dreams, helping you seize higher job opportunities on a global scope. 

Join SBS's conversion support program now to:

– Study in an international environment, closely linked with businesses.

– Received international qualifications

– Receive support for transitioning to study, work and settle abroad if desired. 

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