The school is located in Sydney's fastest-growing economic area, with more than 300 companies (on campus and in the Macquarie Park Innovation District)

Top 1% of best universities in the world (according to QS Rankings 2022, Times Higher Education Rankings 2023);

Top 1 in Australia for Master's in Marketing and Applied Finance (according to QS Business Master’s Rankings 2023)

Top 1 in Australia (2020) and top 1 in Sydney (2022) in terms of graduate employment rate (QS Employability Ranking)

Having close connections with 4000+ enterprises, providing job opportunities for 40,000+ graduates each year

100% research is of the international quality standard

The University offers Australia's most generous scholarship program totaling up to A$6 million per year

Modern campus, invested in facilities worth up to 1 billion Australian dollars

The Alumni community with more than 250,000 members from more than 140 countries has deep connections, helping students with their studies and finding jobs after graduation;


With the study-abroad transfer program to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing at Macquarie University, students will follow a 4-year training program with the following specific subjects.


Students will start their freshman year with "Getting Started" courses, providing basic knowledge, creating the most solid foundation, and initially getting acquainted with the industry. Besides, some soft skills to prepare for studying abroad will also be trained during this time. 

List of subjects in Year 1:

  • Business and the Business Environment
  • Marketing Processes and Planning
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership and Management
  • Accounting Principles
  • Managing a Successful Business Project
  • Business Law
  • Digital Business in Practice
  • Data analytic
  • Business Data & Numerical skills
  • Research Project (x2 credits)

In the second year, students will "take off" with more advanced subjects and real projects, and connect with the student community in Australia more deeply to prepare for Phase 3. 

List of subjects in Year 2:

  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Tapping into New and International Markets
  • Pitching and Negotiation Skills
  • Digital Marketing
  • Managing the Customer Experience
  • Marketing Insights and Analytics
  • Planning Social Media Campaigns
  • Brand Management
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Developing Individuals, Teams, and Organisations
  • Customer Value Management
  • E-commerce and strategy

With the “Acceleration” phase, students will receive deeper, more specialized training in the industry under the guidance of lecturers at Macquarie University, and at the same time experience the extremely exciting international student life right away at the school's campus in Sydney, Australia.

The list of 3rd year subjects will be updated regularly according to the annual Macquarie curriculum. Some of the highlighted subjects include:

  • Accounting in Society
  • Finance 1A
  • Principles of Economics 1
  • Business Statistics
  • Enhancing Employability Skills
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Strategy

With the final line "FINISH", students will continue to learn the most universal knowledge to perfect their knowledge of the industry. In addition, students will also have the opportunity to do internships or participate in projects with enterprises to accumulate work skills and prepare for entering the labor market after graduation.

List of subjects in Year 4:

  • Agility and Excellence in Business
  • PACE: Marketing Project

Elective: Choose 2 out of 6 following subjects:

  • Business to Business Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales and Personal Selling
  • Brand Management
  • New Venture Marketing

Note: The order of subjects may change due to the student's choice of subject. Courses at Macquarie are subject to change and will be regularly updated and notified by Macquarie.


With the orientation of experiential education, Macquarie University always focuses on giving students a real learning environment, with many opportunities to approach real problems that businesses are facing. Through this, students will apply their knowledge and skills to come up with optimal solutions under the guidance of mentors and lecturers - who are experts, CEOs, etc., with a minimum of 10 years of experience in Business Administration.

Mentor Thao Nguyen

Mentor Thao Nguyen

Master of Marketing, Master of Media & Communication – Macquarie University;

Product Marketing Associate - Cover Genius (Sydney, Australia);

Over 3 years of experience as a B2B marketer in Vietnam and Australia markets;

Mentor Huong Nguyen

Mentor Huong Nguyen

Account Director - vBase Digital & YOOSE Pte (Singapore);

Mentor for international students at University of Melbourne and Deakin University (Australia)

Founder CMO - CoXplore ; Bachelor of Applied Science Haaga-Helia (Finland), majoring in International Business; Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarship, University of Leipzig - MBA International Business Program (SEPT);


Mentor Ho Thai Binh

Mentor Ho Thai Binh

1 in 5 Asian researchers of the Perth USAsia Centre;

Founder & Director of Survival Skills Vietnam

Director of SiGen company – solve pollution problems in urban environment & protect public health;


By transferring to study abroad, and receiving a Bachelor's degree from Macquarie University, students will reduce their costs by 50% when they spend the first 2 years studying basic subjects in Vietnam before transferring to Australia. The specific tuition fees are as follows:

Tuition fee for studying in Vietnam:
9.000 USD (6 semesters/2 years);
Cost of transferring to Macquarie University
40.800 AUD/year


  • The cost is temporarily calculated at the exchange rate 15800 VND/ AUD which is about 645,000,000 VND and has not yet applied the ASEAN Scholarship $10,000/year for SBS students who meet the transfer requirements
  • The above costs do not include the cost of living in Australia
    The cost of living in Australia depends on your financial conditions, spending habits as well as other objective factors such as which city you attend in Australia, etc. Accordingly, the average cost in Australia usually includes such items as: accommodation (about AUD 180 - 300 / week), meals (about AUD 40 - 100 / week), public transport (about AUD 20 - 50/week), shopping and entertainment (about AUD 40 - 100/week).



Macquarie University (Macquarie University) offers a number of scholarship opportunities to international students at varying levels of financial assistance based on academic performance, student government involvement, and institutional goals and policies. As the university with the most generous scholarships in Australia especially for SBS, 100% of SBS students have the opportunity to receive Macquarie University scholarships and the scholarship value can be up to AUD $25,000 for the time studying in Australia.

Please contact the Admissions Office or leave information for more specific advice about scholarship opportunities to study at Macquarie University!



To ensure the best training quality, students need to ensure the following conditions to enter SBS

Completed high school in Vietnam or a foreign high school
18 years old and above (before transferring to Australia)
IELTS 6.0 or equivalent before joining the program. (You can join the English preparatory course if you do not meet the requirements)
Conditions for exchanging to Macquarie Australia: GPA 2.5/4, IELTS 6.5 with component scores from 6.0




Macquarie University was established in 1964 as a daring, forward-thinking experiment in higher education. As a result, the school does not follow the traditional educational path but rather strives to make a difference by overcoming new challenges, emphasizing experimentation and practice in education, and expanding internship opportunities, thereby catching up with career trends and meeting the quality human resources required by the times.

Currently, the school offers pre-university, university, master's, and doctoral programs, as well as faculties of social sciences, business, engineering, pharmacy, and science, giving students a diverse range of majors to choose from.

For more information about Macquarie University, visit https://www.mq.edu.au/. https://www.mq.edu.au/



Sydney, the capital of the state of New South Wales, as well as the most populous, famous, and oldest city in Australia, is a "dream" destination for anyone who has the opportunity to visit "Kangaroo Land." 

In addition to many famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Tower, Royal Botanic Gardens, Luna Park, Powerhouse Museum, etc. Sydney is also a training center to create quality human resources for the whole world with the convergence of many prestigious universities such as Macquarie University, University of Sydney, etc.


Why choose to study in Australia?

It is not natural that Australia has been voted as one of the top study-abroad destinations for international students, including Vietnamese students. The reason why so many parents and students want to study in Australia for the following main reasons: (1) the Safe and friendly environment, (2) The training quality is more than the international standard, (3) Moderate tuition and living expenses, (4) Favorable visa policy, (5) Wide career opportunities, etc.

Is the rate of Australian student visa successful when following a transfer study abroad program, getting a Bachelor of Marketing degree from Macquarie University (Macquarie University) high?

If you have completed 2 years of study in Vietnam, then the exchange, and applying for an Australian student visa when students follow the Bachelor program of Macquarie University is almost quite successful. It should be noted, whether to issue a visa or not will be decided by the Embassy/Consulate, so it is not possible to be 100% sure that a visa will be issued, but the school will support students as much as possible in the process of preparing documents or interviewing (if any) to achieve the highest visa success rate.

Can I work part-time while studying in Australia?

International students are allowed to work part-time in Australia according to Australian government regulations. With a fairly high minimum wage of $21.38 Australian dollars/hour, students have the opportunity to work part-time and at the same time gain experience and finance and partly cover living expenses while studying in Australia.

Will tuition fees increase during transfer at Macquarie University?

Macquarie University will review tuition rates annually. Tuition rates are continuously updated on the school's website https://www.mq.edu.au/.

Do international students of Macquarie University have the opportunity to settle down or find a job in Australia after graduation?

Macquarie University provides job opportunities for students through the Macquarie Student Employment (MQSE) portal, so qualified students can find jobs immediately after completing their studies. Corporate organizations and companies with close connections with the university include FUJITSU, 3M, Allens, Deloitte, Ecolab, Finity, Hays, Macquarie Bank, PwC, TAL, Commonwealth Bank, etc.

Which majors to choose in Australia?

Studying in Australia is considered to be quite ideal for most students when it offers a number of "hot" careers and has competitive strengths compared to other countries, for example Business Administration, Business Analytics, Analysis, Data Analytics, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology, etc.

Is the cost of living in Australia expensive?

The cost of living in Australia is expensive regardless of financial conditions, spending habits as well as other objective factors such as which city you attend in Australia, etc. Accordingly, the average cost in Australia usually includes such items as: accommodation (about AUD 180 - 300/ week), meals (about AUD 40 - 100/week), public transport (about AUD 20 - 50/week), shopping and entertainment (about AUD 40 - 100/week).

Is it possible to apply for a scholarship while studying at Macquarie University?

Students with outstanding academic achievements with high final grades, active participation in student organization programs, contributions to research activities, etc. fully have the opportunity to receive valuable scholarship packages from Macquarie University. Some types of scholarships at Macquarie University can be mentioned as Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship, scholarships for students from ASEAN countries, etc.

Can students studying at Macquarie University live (meals, accommodation, etc.) on campus?

Macquarie University owns a 126-ha green Wallumattagal Campus, just 15km from Sydney city center with full services of restaurants, hotels, cafes, kindergartens, counseling centers, pharmacies, and clinics. , private hospital, metro station, swimming pool, gym, etc. so the student's activities will not face any obstacles or shortages. In addition, the school also has a campus Macquarie City Campus located right in the center of the vibrant and bustling Sydney CBD.


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