Training model 2+1+1 for transfer students - Opportunity to get Bachelor's + Master's degree in just 04 years;
Top 42 among UK universities to be ranked Gold – the highest honor in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF – Teaching Excellence Framework) of the UK Government;
Top 20 Business Schools in the UK (According to a Government survey on student satisfaction at universities);
Ranked 1st in the UK in the “Value Added” category (according to Guardian League Table);
The only UK university to be awarded the UK's No. 1 University Award by Ashoka in the field of Social Entrepreneurship; Winner of the award of “Excellent University in Social Enterprise Support” by HEFCE Association;
95% of students get satisfying jobs within 6 months of graduating (according to the HESA Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education DLHE Survey) for 10 consecutive years;


Students of the Bachelor of Global Business Administration at University of Northampton will follow a 3-year training program with specific subjects as follows.


The theme of the 1st year is “Getting Started” with foundation subjects that create basic knowledge for students to grasp the latest trends in Business Administration. At the same time, soft skills are also trained for preparation for studies in a global environment. 

List of subjects in Tier 1: 

  • Business & the Business Environment
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Business Communication 
  • Teamwork skills 
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management & Operations
  • Management Accounting
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Managing a successful business project
  • Innovation & Commercialization
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
  • Design thinking for innovation 

In the 2nd year, students will "take off" with specialized subjects & practical projects along with businesses. Besides, students are also connected with the international student community in Northampton through exchange activities to prepare for life studying abroad in the UK. 

List of subjects in Tier 2:  

  • Research Project
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Statistics for Management
  • Creative thinking 
  • Business Strategy
  • Sales Management
  • Pitching & Negotiation Skills
  • Social Media Practice
  • On-the-job training & Capstone project

In the last school year, students will experience studying abroad at University of Northampton campus. Courses in this phase will provide students with general thinking, problem-solving as well as the confidence to compete in a global environment.

List of subjects in Tier 3: 

  • Academic and Employability Skills
  • Global Business and Investment
  • Global Strategic Management
  • Operating in Emerging Markets
  • Business Project


Graduates of this program can continue studying in just 01 year to earn a Master of Business Administration from the University of Northampton. Especially, students will be automatically granted a scholarship of 50% tuition fee for the master’s if 1st class of a bachelor's degree. 50% học phí của năm học thạc sĩ. 


The Bachelor of Global Business Management program provides in-depth knowledge and prepares skills for students to stay firmly in a competitive, unstable economic environment and changes in world markets. Rated as 01 of the top public universities in the UK focusing on practical skills and practical elements, during the time studying at the University of Northampton, students will spend most of their time participating in real projects led by a team of mentors and lecturers experienced in the field of International Business Management.

Dr. Holger Siemons

Dr. Holger Siemons

Mentor Thao Nguyen

Mentor Thao Nguyen

Mentor Huong Nguyen

Mentor Huong Nguyen


Since the transfer time in the UK to get a Bachelor's degree at the University of Northampton is only 01 year, students can save a lot of time and money.

Tuition fee for studying in Vietnam:
9.000 USD (6 semesters/2 years);
Tuition fee for transferring to University of Northampton:
GBP 15,500/year


  • Transition costs are temporarily calculated at the exchange rate of 1 GBP = 28,800 VND, equivalent to 446.400.000 VND/year
  • The above costs do not include the cost of living in Vietnam and the UK;



For a country with a high standard of living like the UK, finding scholarship opportunities and getting financial aid means a lot to students. In addition, receiving a scholarship is also a great spiritual motivation for the studying of students in this country. 

Depending on the policy of each academic year from the University of Northampton, or academic achievements, students can apply for scholarship packages at University of Northampton worth from 10% 50%. Please contact the Admissions Office or leave information for more specific advice about the scholarship opportunity for the Bachelor of Global Business Management at University of Northampton!



To ensure the best training quality, students need to ensure the following conditions to enter SBS:

Graduated from high school in Vietnam or abroad, average GPA of high school > 7.0 (when entry courses in Vietnam);
Be 18 years of age or older (before transferring to the UK);
IELTS 6.0 or equivalent before joining the program. (You can join the English preparatory course if you do not meet the requirements)




University of Northampton is a public university based in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England. The school was first founded in 1924, underwent a major change in 1999 with the joining of several training colleges, and then achieved full university status as the University of Northampton in 2005 which fully meets academic standards and world-leading facilities. 

Honored to be the 01 in the Top 20 Business Schools in the UK (According to the Government survey on student satisfaction at universities), University of Northampton strives to bring students the best value from knowledge to skills training.

In addition to providing training programs that tend to develop good careers in the future, University of Northampton is considered the only school in the Northamptonshire area to provide manpower to neighboring cities with students with high skills. With those excellent experiences, students will also have their own strengths in an upcoming competitive job market. 

For more information about University of Northampton, please check out https://www.northampton.ac.uk/ 



In terms of geographical location, the city of Northampton is located in an extremely favorable central area, just a short distance from London, Oxford, Cambridge, etc. as it takes only 1 hour to go there by train.

Not too busy and bustling like other big cities, Northampton has its own quietness and serenity, which is dubbed the "peaceful city in the heart of the UK", so if students want to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities, this place will be perfect. 

Besides studies, students will have chances to explore the cities at places like Great Hall, Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, Castle Ashby Gardens, Coton Manor Garden, etc.


What are the advantages of getting a Bachelor's degree in Global Business Management at University of Northampton in association with SBS?

Different from the traditional form of studying abroad, students studying for a Bachelor of International Business Administration degree from University of Northampton in association with SBS will have the following outstanding advantages: (1) Short study period: 02 years studying in Vietnam + 01 year transferring to the UK (for a Bachelor's degree) + 01 year in the UK (for a Master's degree); (2) Scholarship opportunities worth up to 50% during the Bachelor's study, and the Alumni Scholarship 50% reduction of tuition fees if continuing with the Master program (1 year period, applicable for those who achieve a 1st-class Bachelor degree; (3) Opportunity to stay in the UK to work for 2 years (no financial proof required); (4) Job portal up to 10,000+ part-time/full-time/paid internships; (5) The school's location is right in the heart of England, just 50-60 minutes by train to central London and Birmingham, 45 minutes to Luton airport - the gateway to European;

Is it easy to get a UK visa for a transferring student of the Bachelor of Global Business Management program at University of Northampton?

Transfer students to the UK following the Bachelor's Program at the University of Northampton will receive an admission letter and related documents from the University, so the UK visa success rate is relatively higher than applying for a visa as an individual. Please be noted that although the Embassy / Consulate will have the ultimate power to decide whether to issue a visa or not, students do not need to worry because the Student Affairs Department will fully support them in preparing documents and interviewing., etc. to ensure students can successfully get the visa at the highest rate.

Can I work part-time while studying in the UK?

In order to support students to cover living costs as well as accumulate soft skills, the British government allows students to work part-time with a total time of 20 hours/week. In particular, University of Northampton has been operating an Employment Support Center with more than 10,000 part-time/ full-time/ paid internships, so students will have the opportunity to access all kinds of jobs. Students can choose to work part-time at businesses such as Customer Care, consulting at Barclays, Nationwide, or private companies; served at Vietnamese restaurants, Mandarin Buffet, or at fast food stores such as Fish & Chips or Subway; or become a school Ambassador such as leading a school tour, introducing parents and new students, data entry, assistant, etc. For more information about part-time jobs in Northampton, please visit https://www.unitemps.com/branches/university-of-northampton/.

Do international students of the University of Northampton have the opportunity to settle in the UK after graduation?

After completing a study program (1 year or more) in the UK, students will have the opportunity to stay for up to 2 years to find a job without proof of finances - an extremely valuable opportunity for international students.

If students have completed the first 2 years in Vietnam but do not have IETLS, can they transfer to the University of Northampton?

If have not taken the IELTS test yet, students can take the English test at University of Northampton. Especially, students for some personal reasons cannot enter the UK immediately after completing credits in Vietnam can save their results because the English certificate from University of Northampton is valid for 2 years.

Is the cost of living in Northampton expensive?

Despite its central location, the cost of accommodation in Northhampton is affordable. Nevertheless, when studying here, students also need to plan personal expenses appropriately. If you have a student card, you can use free public transport such as the "Free Line" bus, etc. to save costs. Spending mainly depends on consumption habits, personal financial management ability, or each family's condition, but living expenses in Northampton a month usually fall in the range of £400 - £500.

Is it possible to apply for a scholarship while studying at the University of Northampton?

Students absolutely have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship of 10% or more. In particular, if finishing Bachelor's program at Northampton University with excellent results (1st class), students who continue their Master's course at the University will receive an immediate 50% discount on tuition fees without going through any paperwork or interviewing.

Can students of the University of Northampton live on the University campus?

Students can register to stay at the school's dormitory with full facilities. University of Northampton offers student accommodation on-campus at Waterside, and off-campus at St Johns Halls and Scholars Green Student Village. Depending on the area, students will have a choice of different room types to suit their needs and budgets including Studio, En-suite, Twin Room, and Single Room. In addition, students can also rent a room/house with friends to reduce costs as well as have more experience of local life in Northampton.


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