University Canada West (UCW) is one of the first universities in Canada to receive a 5 Star rating from QS Stars. (The QS Stars rating system provides an in-depth evaluation that assesses a university on a broad range of key performance indicators).

Training programs integrate the application of advanced technologies.

Excellent teaching quality accredited by Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) from USA.

Two campuses located in central Vancouver – an area known for hosting many prestigious company headquarters, with modern and convenient transportation systems

Experience life, culture and unique cuisine in one of Canada's most livable cities.

UCW has partnered with leading business and tech companies (Salesforce, Tableau, Riipen, IBM, Digital Marketing Institute, AWS, Shopify and more.

UCW's Bachelor of Commerce program received the NCMA designation from CIM | Chartered Managers Canada. While earning degrees, BCom students at UCW will become members of Canada's chartered management and leadership association. Associate Members can take advantage of the association's networking and professional development opportunities, enabling them to prepare for their new careers after graduation.


The BCom is a four-year undergraduate degree in commerce and its related subjects with detailed modules is as follows:


Students will "warm up" the first year of study with foundational subjects, providing essential knowledge, and helping students grasp the latest trends in the commercial business industry. During this initial period, students will participate in soft skills training courses so they can quickly adapt to a completely new learning style. 

List of subjects in Year 1: 

  • Business and the Business Environment
  • Marketing Processes and Planning
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership and Management
  • Accounting Principles
  • Managing a Successful Business Project
  • Business Law
  • Digital Business in Practice
  • Data analytic
  • Business Data & Numerical skills
  • Research Project (x2 credits)

In the second year, students will "take off" with more advanced subjects and real projects with businesses in Vietnam. Besides, students are also connected with the international student community in Canada through face-to-face exchange activities, online workshops, etc. to prepare for life studying in Canada. 

List of subjects in Year 2:  

  • Statistics for managemen
  • Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations
  • Understanding and Leading Change
  • Global Business Environment
  • Microeconomics
  • Marcoeconomics
  • Pitching and Negotiation Skills
  • Financial Reporting
  • Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Managing and Running a Small Business
  • Principles of Operations Management
  • Business strategy

Students will transfer directly to the campus of University Canada West. At this time, students will have access to specialized subjects with deeper knowledge, and at the same time have the opportunity to do real projects connecting with businesses in Canada.

List of subjects in Year 3:

  • Professional Communications
  • Business Law
  • Business Ethics
  • Choose one of: Finance, Investments, Business Taxation, Data Visualization & Storytelling,

With the final path "FINISH", students will have many valuable opportunities to fully grasp both knowledge and skills of the Commerce field through advanced subjects as well as internships to get ready to become a member of companies, and organizations around the world.

List of subjects in Year 4:

  • Strategy & Decision Making
  • Sustainable Business Practices
  • Capstone Project/ Internship;


At University Canada West, students will have the opportunity to be involved in real projects, providing solutions to business problems in Vietnam and Canada under the guidance of experienced mentors and lecturers.

Dr. Ta Hung Anh

Dr. Ta Hung Anh

Doctor of Business Administration at the Turku School of Economics, University of Turku.
Ms. Ly Hoang Minh Uyen

Ms. Ly Hoang Minh Uyen

Research Assistant at the University of California, Berkeley.

Mentor Phượng Chu

Mentor Phượng Chu

CEO & Founder – Nguyet Que Study Abroad and Immigration Consulting Company (Laurel Consult)
Project Manager & Manager of Canada Visa Application Centre – International Organization for Migration (IOM) – United Nations Migration Agency in Hanoi


With the hope of allowing students to STUDY ABROAD to earn a bachelor's degree from one of the PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITIES in the most ECONOMICAL way possible, the cooperative program between SBS and UCW offers a tuition fee that is cost-effective by at least 50% compared to typical studying abroad.

Tuition fee for studying in Vietnam:
9.000 USD (6 semesters/2 years);
Tuition fee for transferring to University Canada West:
20,000 CAD/ Year


The transfer cost is estimated at an exchange rate of 1 CAD = 18,380 VND, equivalent to 367,600,000 VND per year andecluding the SOUTHEAST ASIA SCHOLARSHIP of 13,608 CAD for 4 years (~3,402 CAD/year) for eligible SBS students who meet the transfer requirements
Additional costs related to textbooks, materials and cost of living are not included in tuition;


To ensure the best training quality, students need to ensure the following conditions to enter SBS

Graduated from high school in Vietnam or abroad, average GPA of high school > 7.0 (for Vietnamese students only)
18 years old or older (when transferring to the University of Canada West)
Obtained satisfactory English Language with IELTS score of 6.0+ (for admission in Vietnam) and 6.5+ (writing component must score a minimum 6.0)(for admission in Canada) or TOEFL (IBT) 88 or equivalent.




University Canada West (UCW) is an innovative business and technology-oriented institution located in the heart of vibrant Vancouver, Canada. UCW offers a range of career-focused bachelor© programs and a Master of Business Administration (MBA), helping the students get ready and become chartered managers in the future.
UCW's strengths are its highly applied programs and dynamic and creative learning environment. UCW's programs emphasize real-work projects, in which students will be led by lecturers who are experts in sales, marketing and management in large companies and enterprises across Canada and the world.



Located in the North of British Columbia - one of the most vibrant areas in Canada, Vancouver is the most populous port city here and is also ranked in the Top 8 largest cities in the entire territory of Canada. 

With an extremely advantageous geographical location and a mild climate, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, developed public transportation infrastructure, a high density of trees, and many other facilities, Vancouver has become one of the easiest places to live in the country, with the highest quality of life.  

In addition, when studying abroad in Vancouver, you will definitely have the opportunity to visit extremely popular tourist destinations such as Capilano Suspension Bridge, Gastown food court, Vanier Park, Standley, Botanical Garden VanDusen, shop at Granville Island, or enjoy famous dishes, imbued with Vancouver's identity such as Fish & Chips, Liege Waffles, Pasta, Puffcream, Fish Tacos, etc.


Why choose the SBS global pathway program at University Canada West?

When choosing the SBS global pathway program at University Canada West, students will receive

  • Affordable tuition fees
  • SOUTHEAST ASIA SCHOLARSHIP 13,608 CAD/4 years ~ (3402 CAD/year)
  • Free assistance with preparing documents and transfer procedures
  • Preparation for studying abroad in a simulated international environment in Vietnam, including language preparation, soft skills development, opportunities to work in a multicultural environment, and assistance with finding part-time jobs overseas.
  • Why should you choose to study in Canada?

    In recent years, the number of Vietnamese international students in Canada has consistently ranked in the Top 5 of the list of international students studying in this country. Many students and parents choose Canada as a study destination due to the following factors:

  • One of the most advanced education systems, world-class quality
  • High career prospects;
  • Open immigration policies for foreigners
  • Diverse international environment
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Safe and healthy environment
  • Can international students work part-time in Canada?

    As part of the SBS-UCW transfer program, with a study duration of over 6 months, SBS students are allowed to work both on and off-campus at UCW. *Please note to comply with the regulations regarding international students' working hours in Canada at different times in general. There are two forms of work in Canada: if you are an international student, including on-campus (working within the school premises) and off-campus (working outside the school premises). However, before that, you need to carefully research the following information: whether your student visa allows you to work, the legal working hours, etc.

    Do international students of University Canada West have the opportunity to stay in Canada after graduation?

    To be eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit, students must have a valid study permit and have successfully completed their program with a C average for undergraduates. For more information about getting a Post-Graduation Work Permit, please visit Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada's website.

    Is the living cost in Vancouver expensive?

    The monthly living expenses can vary greatly depending on spending habits and individual financial conditions, including rent, utility bills, food, transportation, shopping, entertainment, etc. As Vancouver is one of the major bustling cities in Canada, the cost of living may be slightly higher compared to other areas, averaging around 1500 CAD/month

    Is it possible to apply for a scholarship while studying at University Canada West?

    University Canada West offers a variety of scholarship packages to international students to support and encourage their desire to learn. However, scholarship consideration will depend on many factors, including the enrollment period, academic performance, scholarship quotas, policies, etc., so you are welcome to contact us for more specific and up-to-date information. Please contact the Admissions Office at enquiry@ucanwest.ca

    Can University Canada West students live on campus?

    University Canada West does not offer student housing; instead, UCW has collaborated with 4stay to provide students with a variety of affordable homes and lodgings in the surrounding area. When booking through 4stay, students are able to select their preferred housing and room type, and no deposit is required. However, the campuses are centrally located and are within walking distance of many restaurants, stores, entertainment options, shopping centres and gym facilities.


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