05 Advantages and 02 Disadvantages of studying abroad


Studying abroad is always the dream of many students because it not only gives them the opportunity to access advanced education in the world, and receive a Bachelor's, Master's, or Ph.D. degree but also the process of self-training and expanding the network with international friends. Besides the undeniable advantages, studying abroad also has certain disadvantages.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad? Let's find out an in-depth analysis from Saigon Business School in the article below.

05 Lợi thế của việc đi du học

Opportunity to access advanced education

As observed, the majority of Vietnamese students choose developed countries such as the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. as their favorite destinations. Those are the world's leading quality of education, modern educational system, as well as modern facilities for learning and research, therefore, having access to new knowledge in a superior education environment will greatly help Vietnamese students in preparing to enter the future labor market.

Open their eyes and understandings

There will be no experience that will help students broaden and change their minds rather than studying abroad. Going to another country, studying and living with friends from all over the world with diversified nationalities, religions, and cultures, they will definitely become a person of broader understanding, much tolerance, a more multi-dimensional view of things, and an open mindset of recognizing and solving problems.

Improve language skills

The speed of improving foreign language skills in its mother country can be times faster than learning a foreign language in Vietnam because students will have the opportunity to practice continuously, and live right in an environment where a foreign language ​​​​(English, French, etc.) is a mandatory element for communication not only in school but also in daily life. Therefore, this is definitely considered an advantage when studying abroad that anyone can realize.

Broaden career opportunities

Studying abroad also helps students after graduation reach more career options later. Graduates can find a job in the country they study in, move to another country to find new opportunities and challenges, or return to Vietnam to join foreign organizations and businesses with competitive salaries.

Building relationships around the world

In addition to the connection with the local people in the host country, once becoming an international student, you will also have connections with friends around the world, from all continents, who are ready to share and support you in any situation, including during study as well as in life.

02 Mặt trái của việc đi du học

Overcoming psychological barriers

Studying abroad has many benefits, however, parents and students also need to consider other factors before deciding whether to study abroad or not. When studying abroad, students may encounter psychological problems such as loneliness, homesickness, and stress due to not being able to adapt to a new living environment, culture shock, new ways of learning and working, and making new friends, etc. Going to study abroad means that the distance will be calculated by the time of flights, and their life will have to be more independent, more self-reliant, and braver, so students will need to prepare a "solid" spirit before going to study abroad.


Besides psychological problems, finance sometimes also brings troubles, especially for families who are not ready to have enough money. In addition to tuition fees, living expenses (including meals, accommodation, transportation, shopping, medical services, etc.) should be carefully considered.

To solve those concerns, students can consider studying abroad in the form of transferring, in which the first 02 years of university will study in Vietnam, then transfer the last 02 years ( or 01 year depending on the program) to one of the countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, etc. With this new form of study abroad, students will still be awarded a valid international Bachelor's degree while still saving costs, having more time to prepare necessary foreign language skills and soft skills, and having the opportunity to receive a scholarship package worth up to 30%, etc. Check out HERE for more information.

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