In order to help future students have more opportunities to learn and get used to the learning environment at SBS, SBS school will organize a series of pre-admission activities for new students such as demo classes, business tours, etc. Have lunch with a mentor, or livestream about career guidance supported by celebrities.
Please follow the details of each activity below and register to participate at the link:
SBSTalk 21/7

15:00 – 16:30

How do SBS students study Business and Marketing?

The event is inclusively for those who have applied for SBS and want to learn more about the school's program, the opportunity is to connect and meet with mentors, including the following topics:

  • What's good about studying Business & Marketing at SBS? 
  • Study plan and notes for new students.
  • Q&A 

Join online on Zoom:  

Demo class 27/7

20:00 – 21:30

Biztalk |  Marketing Demo Class

The class focuses on commenting and evaluating a case study/hot topic related to Business & Marketing which is currently attracting a lot of attention from the community, especially young people, helping students understand the practical learning methods and practical teaching of SBS.

The expected topic: Branding strategy for products seen from Vinamilk's logo change story.  
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12 PM (Canada time) -> 23:00 (VN time)

English Conversation Club 

Learn how to speak English fluently and fluidly in this back-and-forth conversation workshop where we go through natural dialogue. 

Practice English communication through the workshop where students will be engaged in natural conversations.

The Workshop is organized by ILAC (International Language Academy of Canada) – a partner of SBS

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Company tour  28/7

13:00 – 17:00


Join SBS to visit businesses at the headquarters of SBS's partner companies such as Vinamilk, Zalo, Momo, Coc Coc, Shinhan, VNG, etc. Besides, this is your chance to find internship opportunities, participate in projects, and find jobs after graduation.

 The location will be updated for those who register to participate in the event


13:00 – 17:00

Lunch with mentor - Series of meetings and having lunch with SBS mentors
12:00 – 13:30
a fixed day in each week
Meet and have lunch with SBS mentors, talk about career guidance, and listen to experts who have held management/leadership positions in corporations for at least 5 years Experience in 3 different fields: Human Resource Management, Marketing & Start-up

5 lucky people will be selected to have lunch with each mentor on 1 day in the last week of July & early August (Sponsored by SBS)

The time & location will be sent to the selected people. 

Other activities
Contact SBS for more details Buddy Workshop: making candles, painting statues 

Livestream about career guidance with celebrities

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