On January 20th, 2024, Saigon Business School (SBS) held the opening ceremony of the Global Mini MBA program. The program is designed for individuals who want to enhance their solid foundation in business or mid-level managers seeking to develop the necessary skills and knowledge for success in MBA programs and their professional careers.
  • During the opening ceremony, Mr. Hoàng Văn Cươngthe Managing Director of Saigon Business School, expressed his desire for the Global MBA students to experience "a comprehensive and interactive learning environment" that goes beyond the classroom. This includes actively participating in extracurricular activities, seminars, and workshops organized by the school. The goal of these extracurricular activities is to expand and enhance the students' knowledge, skills, relationships, and expose them to new business trends and practical knowledge.
  • the lecturer of the Mini MBA program, Dr. Tạ Hùng Anhemphasized the "practicality of the course" as the most valuable aspect he aims to provide to the participating students. Dr. Hùng Anh highly values the proactive engagement of students in sharing their practical work experiences accumulated over time. Learning from each other and applying specific experiences to the learning process will drive personal progress and development for each individual.
  • During the ceremony, Vietnamese and international students had the opportunity to interact and connect with each other. They shared their reasons for choosing the Global Mini MBA program and their aspirations during their study period at SBS.
    Wishing all the students of the SBS Global Mini MBA 2024 program a successful and vibrant learning journey!
Embark on the journey of global business conquest with the Global Mini MBA program at SBS.
  • This program is designed for mid-level managers in Vietnam with a bachelor's degree or equivalent, or individuals preparing to pursue MBA programs. Candidates should have a good academic record and demonstrate an interest in business.
  • The program is delivered in collaboration with leading MBA programs worldwide. This means that students who complete the Mini MBA have the opportunity to receive scholarships for these affiliated MBA programs.
  • The program is designed by top experts from Saigon Business School and EQuest Education Group in various fields of business administration, such as Sales-Marketing, Product Management, Finance Management, and Human Resources Management.
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