On May 26, at the campus of Saigon Business School, a cooperation agreement signing ceremony took place between Saigon Business School and Laurel Consult
The ceremony took place with the participation of representatives of Saigon Business School (SBS) and Laurel Consult and the witness of representatives of University Canada West.
At the ceremony, both sides affirmed their close partnership as they supported many activities during the enrollment process. Not only that, the two sides also exchanged activities towards long-term companionship and cooperation. Which includes:
  • Support in building profiles for students transferring to Canada from the very beginning;
  • Preparatory English training for students who are not yet qualified for English;
  • Supporting SBS students to build connections with Vietnamese international students in Canada;
  • Building study tours for students to come to Canada;
  • Accompanying in marketing activities: organizing contests and events for students.
Let's review some photos of the ceremony and look forward to the next activities of SBS and Laurel Consult – Pathways to Canada !
SBS và Laurel Consult SBS và University Canada West SBS và Laurel Consult
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