Recap Event – SBS – Information Day 9/7

Last Sunday, the SBS Information Day event took place successfully with the participation of more than 100 parents and students who have applied and are interested in SBS's learning program.
The event is an opportunity for students and parents to talk and meet representatives of universities, mentors as well as teachers at SBS to learn more about the training route, and study program. At the ceremony, Vice President of EQuest Group, and President of Saigon Business School - Mr. David Armstrong shared his thoughts showing the strong commitment of EQuest in general and SBS in particular in accompanying and supporting students in the learning process, connecting them with leading experts and supporting employment on a global scale…
Thầy Daivd Armstrong chia sẻ về SBS
Mr. David Armstrong - Vice President of EQuest Group, President of Saigon Business School delivered the opening speech.


Chia sẻ của thầy cô Đại học đối tác gửi đến các bạn học sinh của SBS

The teachers and mentors at SBS send their best wishes to the new students

At this event, many valuable scholarships were handed out to future SBS students. SBS believes that this is one of SBS's efforts to create the best learning conditions for excellent students.
Học bổng SBS
SBS gives scholarships to students with excellent achievements.

Also at the SBS - Information Day event, the Saigon Business Challenge - a competition exclusively for business school students and students organized by SBS and EQuest with a total prize value of up to 1,000. 000 VND was introduced to the students.
SBS would like to thank:
  • Mr. Ho Thai Binh – CEO & Co-Founder Survival Skills Vietnam
  • Mr. Pham Liem - CEO & Founder Gostream
  • TikToker Quang Bo Ngo
  • The representatives of our school partners: Macquarie University, University Canada West, Amity Global Institute
  • Our partner businesses: Laurel Consult, ATS
  • Representative of the Board of Directors of high schools in Ho Chi Minh City
  • The students were present to make this event a success.
TikToker Quang Bo NgoTikToker Quang Bo Ngo – Social Media Mentor at SBS- is sharing about studying experience at University
Anh Phạm Liêm
Mr. Pham Liem - CEO & Founder of GoStream - is sharing about learning real business
Sự kiện tại SBS
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