SBS promotes global student support services


On November 29, 2023, the Executive Director of Saigon Business School (SBS) met with ACB - Asia Commercial Bank (Nam Saigon branch) to discuss support services for SBS students transferring to study abroad.

SBS representatives met with ACB representatives at SBS's district 7 campus.

Among the countless transfer study programs on the market, why is Saigon Business School different? The most basic reason is because of its student support services. There are numerous ways to study abroad, but the path through SBS will be the most convenient, for the following reasons:

1. Students are given 1-1 consulting sessions on the transfer process, and their visa application and procedures are prepared from the moment they enter school. Students are also always guaranteed that their transfer process is the most optimal and takes the least amount of waiting time.

The most recent evidence is that an SBS student, who had only just enrolled in September 2023, should have taken 1 year to complete the first phase of the program in Vietnam. However, because he wanted to be in time for the admission procedures at Deakin University (Australia) for the July semester of the following year, he received support from SBS to accelerate their studies, prioritizing the subjects required by Deakin to ensure that he could submit his application in April and obtain a visa to Australia in July 2024.

2. Students and families save the most budget: SBS supports students to get the highest scholarship, helps them to take preferential student loan packages, or simply supports international payment procedures quickly and efficiently with good exchange rates. The cooperation with ACB is a testament to this point.

3. Students can study in an international environment: Studying with foreign lecturers and students at SBS helps Vietnamese students prepare with the necessary study skills to be confident in their transition to study overseas.

Students who are still taking English preparatory courses have to work in groups with Thai students, participate in internships with Singaporean students, and study with Nigerian students when they go to study their majors. SBS may not be a school with world-class facilities, but it is certainly one of the most internationally oriented schools in terms of people.

4. Students are connected to Vietnamese student communities in the country they will be transferring to, are thoroughly prepared about the culture, are introduced to part-time job opportunities, are given prior knowledge of the local legal regulations, or simply are given mentors who share important tips to quickly adapt to the new life.

The SBS team is proud to be opening up a path to help Vietnamese people take off, expand the country's intellectual borders, and compete fairly on a global scale.

SBS students receive 1-on-1 consulting session on the procedures and processes for transferring to Australian university with representatives of ATS, a partner study abroad consulting company.

SBS students and Rangsit University students (Thailand) in the ASEAN ENGLISH BUDDY program

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