Welcome the delegation from the Council of Deans and Educators of Business in Region IV-A (CODEB4A)* Philippines.


SBS (Saigon Business School) recently had the honor of hosting a delegation from the Council of Deans and Educators of Business in Region IV-A (CODEB4A)* Philippines. The visit aimed to strengthen ties and foster collaboration between SBS and the esteemed members of CODEB4A.

The CODEB4A delegation engaged in productive discussions with SBS faculty members and administrators.

The discussions covered a wide range of topics pertaining to business education, including teaching methodologies, industry partnerships, language exchange, study trips, mentoring & buddy programs..Both parties shared valuable insights and experiences, enriching their understanding of the latest trends and challenges in the field of business education.


Building Bridges, Brightening Futures: SBS and CODEB4A Forge a Path of Collaboration

Trong bài phát biểu của mình trong chuyến thăm của CODEB4A, thầy Hoàng Văn Cương, Giám Đốc điều Hành Trường Kinh Doanh Sài Gòn đưa ra đề xuất về việc tổ chức các chương trình trao đổi sinh viên và giảng viên giữa các bên, nhằm tạo ra sự giao lưu và học hỏi đa chiều. Ông cũng nhấn mạnh tầm quan trọng của việc xây dựng mối quan hệ vững chắc giữa doanh nghiệp và Trường, nhằm đảm bảo rằng sinh viên có cơ hội phát triển kỹ năng đa dạng và thực tế.

Mr. Hoang Van Cuong, the Managing Director of SBS, shared about the importance of building a collaborative relationship between SBS and CODEB4A. 


Dr. Amado L. Magsino, President Emeritus of the CODEB4A expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to visit SBS and witness firsthand the innovative approaches and initiatives implemented by the institution. He recognized the potential for the team to learn from SBS's best practices and implement them in their own educational institutions.

Dr. Amado L. Magsino, President Emeritus CODEB$A particularly excited about the prospect of exploring partnerships, joint research projects, and academic exchanges that can benefit both SBS and his team.


SBS Students: Lighting Up the World

During the visit, SBS students had the opportunity to interact with the delegation from the Council of Deans and Educators of Business in Region IV-A (CODEB4A) Philippines and share their education journey at SBS.

The students shared their positive experiences with SBS's strong industry connections. They highlighted the guest lectures, networking events, workshop and career fairs that SBS organizes regularly. These platforms have allowed them to engage with industry professionals, gain insights into current trends, and establish valuable connections that can potentially lead to internships and job opportunities.

The students also expressed their appreciation for SBS's diverse and inclusive community. They spoke about the multicultural environment, where they have the chance to interact with students from various backgrounds and cultures.

Luu Tuan Khang, a student in the Human Resource Management program, along with Pham Minh Thanh and Pham Thi Hoang Anh, who are students in the Marketing program, were among the representatives from SBS who actively participated in the visit of the delegation from CODEB4A Philippines. 


The delegation from the CODEB4A Philippines was highly impressed by the sharing of SBS students during their visit. The students' insights and experiences showcased the quality of education and the unique learning environment at SBS.

Dr. Flormando P.Baldovino - Dean, College of Business and Accountancy 


After witnessing the impressive sharing of SBS students, Dr. Flormando P.Baldovino, PhD, DBA expresses his genuine excitement and eagerness to revisit SBS along with the top management team to discuss the potential opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange between SBS and his team. Trường Business and Accountancy. 


Opening up a future of cooperation

This visit signifies an important step towards fostering international collaborations and promoting the exchange of knowledge and expertise between SBS and CODEB4A. It sets the stage for future partnerships, joint research endeavors, and academic exchanges between the two institutions. By leveraging each other's strengths and experiences, SBS and CODEB4A aim to enhance the quality of business education and contribute to the development of skilled professionals in the region.

Chuyến thăm của CODEB4A đến SBS không chỉ là một sự kiện giao lưu học thuật thông thường mà còn là khởi đầu cho một tương lai hợp tác đầy hứa hẹn, góp phần đưa nền giáo dục kinh doanh lên một tầm cao mới.


*The Council of Deans and Educators of Business in Region IV is an organization of Business Educators - administrators,deans, program chairs,faculty, business practitioners as partners in the academe. CODEB4A was organized out of a need to establish an association in the CALABARZON area that would seek to upgrade and advance the quality of business education in one of the most progressive industrial zones in the area. It was born on February 28, 2002, during its 1st Regional Conference which was held at Tagaytay Country Hotel in Tagaytay City.

Delegations of the Council of Deans and Educators of Business in Region IV (CODEB4A) to visit SBS on 29 January 2024: 

  1. Dr. AMADO L. MAGSINO – International Relations Officer, National College of Science and Technology
  2. Atty. ZOSIMO MAGLANGIT – Jr. -President, International Peace Leadership College
  3. Ms. MIKEE VERZO – Dean, College of Business, Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences
  4. Dr. ROGEL L. LIMPIADA -Vice President for Academic Affairs, Colegio de la Ciudad de Tayabas
  5. Dr. ROBERT UY  -President, Philippine Best Training Systems Colleges, Inc.
  6. Ms. LEONISA UY – School Directress, Philippine Best Training Systems Colleges, Inc.
  7. Mr. MARK ANTHONY DELGADO – Program Head, B. S. Accountancy, College of Sciences, Technology and Communication, Inc.
  8. Ms. NONA SEVILLA – Program Head, B.S. Business Administration, College of Sciences, Technology and Communication, Inc.
  9. Dr. JESS SAJISE – President, Red Link Institute of Science and Technology
  10. Ms. ANNA MARIE JADIA. – Vice President, St. Anne Business Institute, Inc.
  11. Dr. BENDALYN LANDICHO. – Dean, College of Business and Accountancy Batangas State University
  12. Dr. FLORMANDO BALDOVINO. – Dean, College of Business and Accountancy, Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation
  13. Ms. MARIE MENEZ UBER – Registrar, National College of Business and Arts
  14. Mr. MERCURIO VILLANUEVA – President, Granby Colleges of Science and Technology
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